Hans Kuijs Beeldend Kunstenaar

curriculum vitae







Enoughsight 50,5x40,2 cm m.med. photopaper The conscience 29,8x40,8 cm m.med. photopaper The hug doll as a starting point 30x42 cm m.med. photopaper The chamber of the palpable pain 27,3x38,2 cm m.med. velvet cardboard The circus of life 2020 82x51 cm m,med. cardboard Blueprint..  120x100 cm oil, canvas Impatienca 100x100 cm tempera, canvas The parable of the twig 80x100 cm tempera, canvas cross references 122x82 cm m.med. paper Spider lily 130x100 cm m.med. canvas With the head on the horizon 24x18 cm tempera, canvas The suspicion rice ... 24x18 cm tempera, canvas The child who years later became an angel 24x18 cm tempera, canvas The light tends to darkness 24x18 cm watercolor, canvas Sunflower 120x100 cm tempera, canvas Controlled image 2020 A3 m.med. photopaper