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curriculum vitae







The girl with her dreams for the future Basement stock The hiker  I want to bring you a tribute like a whispered song  Protection Feeling  I want to bring you an ode as a whispered song  More calm than stormy  140x100cm oil/canvas On the steps of the Calvary road 21,5x29,8cm m.media Death follows the horizon 21x30cm  m.media It obsessed the studio 17x23cm m.media The face of a drone  Sunken landscape  The hyacinth bends his head and cries all night  A well-kept secret  golden ratio 14,8x11,5 cm Earth`s pain is the ransom for her captive joy 23.5x17.5cm m.media Attention 31,5x21,7cm m.media Giving life 24x18cm oil/canvas Enoughsight 50,5x40,2 cm m.med. photopaper The conscience 29,8x40,8 cm m.med. photopaper The hug doll as a starting point 30x42 cm m.med. photopaper The chamber of the palpable pain 27,3x38,2 cm m.med. velvet cardboard The circus of life  82x51cm m.med./cardboard Blueprint..  120x100 cm oil/canvas Impatienca 100x100 cm tempera/canvas The parable of the twig 80x100 cm tempera/canvas cross references 122x82 cm m.med./paper Spider lily 130x100 cm m.med./canvas With the head on the horizon 24x18 cm tempera/canvas The suspicion rice ... 24x18 cm tempera/canvas The child who years later became an angel 24x18 cm tempera/canvas The light tends to darkness 24x18 cm watercolor/canvas Sunflower 120x100 cm tempera/canvas Controlled image 2020 A3 m.med. photopaper