Hans Kuijs Visual artist

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Quote from: Presentation documentary Hans Kuijs
Leveroy, January 13, 2011

Than the film itself. A portrait of Hans Kuijs with the telling title: I`m an accumulation of all my works.
The film is about the vulnerability that the artist expresses when he speaks of presenting his work. And about the vulnerability he feels during the making of the film. But he dare, because showing vulnerability is perhaps the opening for other people to also as to draw to his art.
Film is capturing images and words simultaneously. The artist will risk his words always be repeated and leading for the rest of his life. Why do I call this a risk?
For me, one of the most attractive features of an artist to continue to seek renewal and deepening by asking the right questions. And I do not mean that every year a new style invented. It is the continuing search for the inner need for something to depict and finding the right technology that fits. There must be room for experimentation. And that experiments do not always work immediately in a balanced structure. If at any time in this life is a story written and images are recorded, then this may be the artist for the rest of his life to label. The challenge is to make the images and words chosen so that opening for development, without too superficial to continue.
And this has done Gerard. He Hans observed on the skin, beautiful moments captured, the intuitive search for the right hand to draw something. But it is not a complete portrait made. It provides an opening for further growth, because Hans Kuijs is an artist that fits into my picture of the inquisitive artist who never finished, always ask the right questions and is not led by a perhaps wise construction work.
Drs.Liesbeth Schreuder, art historian ©